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Walleye are scattered in October and deep in currents in September. 27.5″ walleye July 12, 2015. 28″ walleye 2015, just one of 20 walleye caught, photographed and released (CPR). 23″ walleye caught at Bear’s Den Lodge dock in June with July producing more walleye. Fish are shallow with the Mayfly hatch. July 2014 produced a 30″ plus walleye released. 46 Walleye were caught June 9-15, 2014 by two fisherman; largest was 22″, with 134 fish in total. 100 Walleye caught June 1, 2014 CPR. 9#4 oz. 27″ Walleye 2014. 28″ French River Walleye October 20, 2013 by fisherman from Fenwick, ON. 30″ Walleye end of June 2013. 11 Walleye released opening day 2013. 24.5″ Walleye released May 31, 2013. Over 60 plus walleyes caught in 3 days late May 2013 during high water levels. 9-12# walleye caught in 2012 during low water. 34″ walleye released June 20, 2009 with many 28″ and smaller. May 15, 2010 with numerous walleye caught and released, some measured 27″, but averaged somewhat smaller for eating. 31″ released late June 2010 with a 30″ released July 16, 2008. Fisherman and guide report 40 fish caught over 9 lbs. mid June 2007. French River Walleye – Fact – A 10 pound walleye will produce 250,000 eggs during spawn. The French River Delta in Northern Ontario is continuing to enjoy an increasing walleye or pickerel population. A 9 year old caught his first walleye of 25 1/4 inches and measured it for the Conservation Officer! Walleye are caught throughout the French, Pickerel River, and Northeastern Georgian Bay. Several 20 inch blue walleye were caught and released in 2010-2014. 2010 produced 25-28 inch walleye, including several walleye measuring 28 inches in June and a 31″ released late August. Fishing Tips: Walleye are scattered off rock points in May, this will increase and produce more catch numbers for fisherman. Check current in June for walleye in 10-20 feet. July water levels are normally changing and fish are diving to depths of 25 feet. Water levels change approximately 13 feet through the season. Migrating male walleye, muskie and other fish species, return to the French River for next year’s spawn in late August and remain there until early June. Large walleye fish remain in the French River Delta all season! Are you booked for 2016 spring walleye season?

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