Differences Between Massasauga Rattlesnake vs Northern Watersnake

Vacant and cold reptilian eyes with reflexes that can lunge themselves half a foot in 70 milliseconds. Snakes have captured our thoughts, imaginations and even stories since their first appearance approximately 128 million years ago.  Whatever your thoughts are, they are fascinating creatures. They come in many appearances and varieties of venomous and nonvenomous species. …

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Fall Water Safety

From swimming to fishing, every year Canadians and tourists alike experience the abundance of aquatic activities through thousands of different waterfronts. Of those who experience and explore these wonderful activities to reconnect ourselves with nature, there is always a need to stay smart and stay safe. Because of our countless opportunities to be in, around, …

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Spring Peaks & Zika Seeks

Are you planning for a camping trip this year? Already shopping at your favourite retailers and outdoor suppliers? Are you prepared? Something that I’m sure has been bothering many, or at least gaining interest, is the rising concern for the Zika Virus. We have been hearing about it on TV, in newspapers, and even the …

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