Great Canadian Wilderness

Image of a sexual mature male sea lamprey. The adults' skin colours change like salmon with the male lamprey developing a "rope-ridge" across their back.

Sea Lamprey: A Parasitic Pest in the French River and Beyond

Sea lampreys are vampiric invasive species that have caused significant damage to the native fish populations in the Great Lakes. The French River in Northeastern Ontario is one of the many waterways they have invaded. While sea lampreys are monitored and population controlled by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) and Fisheries and …

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French River Spring Pike Fishing

Spring is a lively and a prime fishing time for northern pike on the French River. In Northern Ontario, after the spawn is a period that offers excellent odds for catching trophies; as well as catching copious amounts of energetic young-lings. Depending on weather and water temperatures, a variety of fishing patterns and baits are …

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Celebrate World Water Day with Canada’s French River

  World Water Day World Water Day, March 22, recognizes the importance of how essential water is to our lives, families, home, and ecosystem – our abundant fishery and our wildlife.  In 1993 around the world, awareness was raised to protect our freshwater. Canada’s Freshwater We enjoy 20% of the freshwater in the world here …

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Sculpted by Ice – French River

“What’s So Great About The Great Lakes?”: Picture the world as it was 12,000 years ago where the land was covered by melting mile-thick glaciers. This amazing sculpture of ice, carved the land and created the Great Lakes. Forming approximately 15,000 kilometres (9,500 miles) of inland freshwater “ocean-like shores”. The lakes also contain an estimated …

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Why is the Bowfin Green?

Can you guess why the bowfin is emerald green? Bowfin or sometimes referred to as “Dogfish” come in a variety of shapes and at times colours. Their bodies are generally cylindrical and eel like in appearance. Normally their sides and back  can be olive to brownish in colour with vertical bars for camouflaged pattern.  Their …

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Celebrate National Fishing Week in Ontario Canada – Canada 150

Join us to celebrate National License Free Fishing Week (July 1-9, 2017) for all Canadian families. Celebrate in the heritage and culture in Northeastern Ontario for Ontario’s 150 as well with several local events including the 11th annual French River Pow-Wow at the French River Visitor Centre.

Outdoor Radio Journal

The Outdoor Journal Radio Show is live every Saturday morning 8:05AM EST. If you\’re in southern Ontario (Canada), tune your radio to Sportsnet 590 The FAN AM or visit and listen live online. Angelo Viola has hosted Sportsnet 590 The FAN\’s \”Outdoor Journal Radio Show\” since 1996. Traveling around the world to produce popular …

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52.5″ Musky for 51st Year Group

“It hit in three to four feet away from the boat. It was raining. The muskie gave me a real fight, it ran three times taking my black and chartreuse eagle tail under the boat. What a fight!” With a quick measure and photo of the French River musky, Bob Griffith of State College, PA, …

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A Musky for Father’s Day

“Nothing like catching ‪‎musky‬ in your front yard!” said Chris Burnette to the start of his and Harry Haddix’s week at Bear’s Den Lodge. The seasoned West Virginian muskie hunters had fished some of their favorite French River muskie holes, but after a long day they decided to troll home during the twilight hours. As …

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