Celebrate World Water Day with Canada’s French River

World Water Day

World Water Day, March 22, recognizes the importance of how essential water is to our lives, families, home, and ecosystem – our abundant fishery and our wildlife.  In 1993 around the world, awareness was raised to protect our freshwater.

Canada’s Freshwater

We enjoy 20% of the freshwater in the world here in Canada.  Our Great Lakes comprise a major portion of the country, having the most lakes in the world.  French River, a 110 km long sparkling gem in this treasure chest belongs to each of us to enjoy, conserve and to protect for years to celebrate.

Scenery photo displaying the upper end of the Sturgeon Chutes in the Northern part of the Lower French River Provincial Park, Northeastern Ontario Canada. The image displays rocky granite structure, green vegetation, Pine trees, and a small waterfall.
Photo credit: Michelle Bolfova

Simple Ideas to Protect and Celebrate French River Waterways:

  1. Shorter and fewer showers
  2. Turn your faucet off between use
  3. Stop the drip!
  4. Scrape plates and food into garbage can and not down the drain
  5. Thoroughly clean your boat, live well, and equipment 48 hours before putting into the French River to prevent the spread of invasive species and plants
Scenery that can be found on the Lower French River Delta of the French River Provincial Park.
Photo Credit: Wanda Mahr

Join us with sharing your ideas to save freshwater and celebrate World Water Day every day on the French!

Authored by Brenda Barefoot

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