Come Staycation with Us: Discover French River

What Is A Staycation?

Staycation is a term that was originally coined in the market crisis of 2008. Now in 2020, Covid-19 has dictated the need for public health and tourism to restrict travel plans for holidays of travel abroad or within our Canadian boundaries. Ontarian residents are now immersing themselves in their immediate surroundings for a staycation near home in Northeastern Ontario.

What Might Your Adventure Discover?

Your adventure at Bear’s Den Lodge will make you more aware of your environment. You will find peace and quiet in the wilderness expanse of the French River Provincial Park. The lower French River Delta has many offerings to explore. Discover and see the abundant wildlife. Birds, reptiles and fish inhabit the shorelines, skies, forests, and water of our area.

Benefits Offered in a Local Staycation?

Firstly, it is economical and makes it easy on your wallet. The Ontario government has a new rebate program to entice you to travel locally. Rebates for residents in Ontario will be offered up to a 20% for their travels and vacations in the new 2021 domestic traveler program.

Secondly, you pace your own stay with us. You slow your pace to enjoy quality time with family, loved ones and friends. A slower pace promotes health, wellness, a chance to reconnect with self and nature.

Thirdly, you save on travel time. Why be in the driver’s seat if you can save time for the boat seat, sitting on the deck or wetting your line fishing?


Another benefit from a staycation is a distraction free zone. Disconnect from phones, emails, work, and other negative interactions to take that deep breathe of fresh air. Take time to clear your head and allow the creativity to sneak in.

One way to find your creativity is to kick back and try new sports or rejuvenate that sport you have not enjoyed. For example, try paddling, fishing, swimming, or hiking wilderness trails.

Another way is to reconnect with that artist within you! Love to paint or take that perfect shot? Amazing scenery, landscapes, natural skyline photography await.

However, life is about learning. For instance, there is a wealth of history and culture on the French River. Although, others might like the experiences of dinning with us to enjoy the local cuisine.

Staycations are environmentally friendly. Moreover, you have reduced needs to travel far, you save fuel and flights. As a result, you promote a safe clean environment to enjoy and leave the same behind for others to enjoy for years to come.

Therefore, staycations in Ontario have much to offer. Comfort, to being economical, environmentally sustainable, healthy and offers physical and mental wellness, sports, history, culture, and an escape from Covid-19 in open spaces of our natural environment. Come staycation with us and discover what the French River has to offer!

By Brenda Barefoot, Owner of Bear’s Den Lodge.

Brenda is an industry leader and consultant in tourism and health care. She is a published blogger, author and photographer.

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