How to Personalize Your Stay

Where do I start?

There are so many options and choices for those who wish to travel and select a “plan” or “package” for your stay in Northern Ontario. It becomes very confusing when seeing different terminology going as far back as even the 1940s still in use.  Some younger generations may see terms like ‘European‘ or ‘American‘ Plans and think well I’m a Canadian, Chinese, German, or any other country they are traveling from and ask, “where’s my plan?”.


French River Shore Lunch

American Plan vs Housekeeping

A good way to plan for your Great Canadian escape is to ask yourself what you and your friends or family want to experience? Do you wish to have no restraints on the time you can go out fishing and exploring the Ontario Park or would your rather not worry on having to prepare your own meals?


Fish without the worry.

American Plan

While the term “American Plan” can come in different varieties and packages, deals can vary from a basic to an “all-inclusive” package. Most lodges in Northeastern Ontario that offer American Plan packages normally offer 3 square meals a day. Imagine your relief when you start your day with a home cooked hearty breakfast, packed box lunches for the anglers and nature enthusiasts, with evening dinners to relax and share your experiences with family, friends and other lodge guests to finish the long summer day. Camps that offer fishing guide services, often prepare a traditional Ontario “shore lunch” of the catch of the day fried fish and hand cut fries for your lunch.



For those wishing to be completely self reliant, the Housekeeping Cottage plans allow you to choose when you start your day and finish the dishes. Normally, planning starts with creating a menu and grocery shopping for the ingredients to pack in for the trip. Housekeeping may allow for the chef in you. You may save on the front end but holiday time may be spent doing chores.

Both plans have flexibility, so pick the plan that suits your needs the best!