Walleye Fishing French River

Walleye fishing in the French River Delta and Georgian Bay has one of the highest rod hours in Ontario Canada. Ever increasing numbers, these fish naturally spawn in the Delta of the French River under the protection of slot limits since 1994.

Walleyes or Pickerel, as locals call them,  grow large and fight hard in this great Canadian wilderness river system. They have large cloudy light sensitive eyes. Walleye have adapted the stained waters of the French River Provincial Park and Georgian Bay. They tend to feed at sunrise, sunset or at night in the clearer water areas. Migrating walleyes head for the Georgian Bay by late summer. They begin to return late August to prepare for spawning in the spring. Many large walleye remain in the French River all summer, providing fisherman trophy walleye fishing all season.

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We recommend using live bait rigs and jigs for worms and minnows, bottom bouncers, or run crank baits such as, Mepps and our handmade Bear’s Den Lodge spinners.  Aggressive walleye strike bucktails and bass lures too.

The average size of these fish, range from 1 – 4 lbs. But, with an expanding population of walleye; are growing over 10 lbs. Despite controversy,  Blue walleye remain in this Canadian fishing river system for the anglers to catch.

Blue walleye caught and released by man, fishing French River

Blue Walleye on the French River Delta, Ontario, Canada

Fishing Tip: Prepared to set your hook when you the first bump or tapping, otherwise they will clean your hook off!

More fishing information about walleye and other fish in the French River area are available from Bear’s Den Lodge expert outfitters or stop by the Bear’s Den Lodge Tackle Shop and chat. 

Authored by Joe Barefoot, M.B.

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